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Experience technical diving...

At TecFest NZ, we don't just talk about Technical diving... we actually do it!

During the day their will be a range of try dives available for attending divers at the Wharewaka Reserve . There will be side-mount, back mounted twins and full face mask, scooter and CCR try dives.


For the seasoned technical diver, and anyone wishing to explore the underwater dive sites around Motutaiko Island, there will be charters throughout the day. Additional charges apply for boat dives. 

Twin-set Try Dives
Sidemount Try Dives
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A pair of joined cylinders mounted on the back, often referred to as a twin-set, is the set up commonly seen with many technical divers around the world. By joining the two cylinders together with an isolating manifold, the diver has a large gas supply for those longer and often deeper dives. Should there be an issue with  a tank of regulator set, the manifold can be closed to isolate the problem giving the diver plenty of redundancy

Side-mount diving is fast becoming the preferred method of extending gas supply and redundancy among recreational and technical divers. In the past, back mounted twin cylinders were the preferred method to accomplish longer and more technical dives, however many are finding the ease and cost of side mount diving a preferable option. Steve Davis will also be running beach workshops throughout each day, as well as try-dives.

Join Steve Davis and the team to experience side-mount diving

Full Facemask Try Dives

From sport diving to underwater research, and commercial divers to search & rescue, the versatility of the Ocean Reef Systems full-face mask has something to offer all divers, whether it be recreational or technical exploration.


This year Grant Searanke from Kiwi Divers will taking out divers wanting to try out full face mask diving. 


Come and learn more about Hollis, XR Horizon CCR & SF2 ECCR at TecFest NZ 2021


There will be a units available for divers to have a look at and experts on hand to answer any questions you may have. Unfortunately due to Covid try-dives will not be available on these units. You can however organize a try dive at a later date with the perspective CCR Instructor.

Dry Suit Try Dives

The team from Scuba Force, Hollis and Mares will be at the beach with a range of their suits for divers to try out.


Drysuits are a big investment and for the first time buyer there is a bit to know before you make your purchase. You simply will not get a better opportunity to try on a range of suits and get honest answers about the differences in styles and models.

This year we have scooter try-dives with the Bonex and Aquaprop scooters. Supplied by Grant Searancke of Kiwi Divers. These units are great fun and I am sure will be popular at the event, so get your booking in for a try-dive early.

Scooter Try Dives

Dive Trips NZ_Logo_v2_Colour.png

Boat dives in Lake Taupo will be available both on the Friday and Saturday of TecFestNZ. Cost is $30.00 for a single dive, supply own cylinders. On the Monday following TecFestNZ, May the 3rd, weather permitting, we will be diving the RENA Wreck off Tauranga. Cost for a days diving is $225.00, limited spaces left on this trip. Grant Searancke and his team will be running both boats for these trips. To book the Taupo dives contact Grant on 0226247755, for the RENA trip, contact Brent McFadden at Go Dive Pacific on 0274 344 874

Boat Dives

Shore Diving

The days activities are held at the Wharewaka Reserve which is the perfect location to enjoy some easy shore diving. There is a gradual slop from the shoreline to 10 plus meters of depth underwater. Here divers can then descend down the slope to find a bit of depth if they wish. Visibility varies, but most years divers have experienced 10 meters plus.


With air fills available onsite ($12 per fill), this is the prefect opportunity to get out diving.

TecDive Schedule 

Try dive and presentations schedule will be available soon...

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