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For decades, trilaminate drysuits have been produced in the same manner. In an elaborate process, waterproof material is sewn together by a machine which perforates the material and creating thousands of holes that must be subsequently sealed with an additional process and method. In particular, in highly congested areas, such as the crotch region, the procedures are very complicated and there are after longer periods of use integrity issues and leaking at the seams. Unfortunately, until today there was no alternative. But only until now - because the

future starts today.


With the EXPLORER NST, SCUBAFORCE presents a unique dry suit which is produced in a completely new method.

After more than three years of developmental work and in cooperation with a high-tech machinery company from Germany, we are now very proud to introduce the SCUBAFORCE NO STITCH TECHNOLOGY drysuit.

With this NST process, the main seams of the drysuit are welded with an ultrasonic welding machine and remain WATERPROOF.

In contrast to conventional production with sewing machines, the material is not “perforated”, but connected without damage to each other! By utilizing this welding process, no water can seep into the suit.


Ultrasonic welding machines are incredibly high-tech. In addition to the welding components (anvil wheel and horn), the machines are equipped with a CAN bus-controlled automatic control which permanently monitors the entire welding process and ensures that a consistent, high-quality welding result is guaranteed.


Not only are the welds of an EXPLORER NST  waterproof, they are also constructed for incredible freedom of movement. The seams are able to increase the mechanical strength of the weld and are reinforced on the inside of the suit with a stable, highly abrasion-resistant tape. This tape is also applied (pressure / temperature) via machine under control of the main parameters. Although it is not necessary, all of the welded seams are additionally reinforced with this tape, thus offering double security.


This new modern method of production, combined with high quality materials, make the EXPLORER NST unmatched in performance. Durability, freedom of movement, weight – the new SCUBAFORCE suit sets the standards for the future of diving dry.


The NST drysuit, manufactured by ScubaForce is distributed by Descend Scuba Diving. For more information contact:

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