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Rob Wilson

Rob Wilson is the founder of Ghost Fishing NZ and driving force behind the organisation. Rob is a professional photographer (Frontline Photography), with passion for diving which some might say has reached serious addiction status.  Rob is a dedicated GUE diver, and his focus and drive are reflected in his numerous certifications including GUE Tech 1, GUE Documentation and DPV, TDI Advanced Wreck, Cave and Cavern Diver as well as PADI Dive Master.   

Involvement with GUE has lead Rob to being able to participate and photograph four dive expeditions including the Blue Creek Resurgence team and more recently, a recent Project Baseline trip to Fiji working with scientific divers and a dedicated Submarine to document the reefs around Fiji.  Rob has dived extensively in New Zealand and Fiji, the Hawaiian Islands, Africa, Indonesia, Japan and Tonga. 

To Rob, diving is another world. As a young boy he always aspired to be an astronaut and diving is pretty much the closest he has got to reaching that dream. “Inner space is a place of constant change and endless possibilities, even locations I have dived often, you can come across something you have never seen before”.  Rob loves the interaction with the marine environment and the ability to float in another realm, with all the creatures and enjoy it with them.  Diving with bronze whaler sharks has been the highlight of his diving career.  Team means everything to Rob and descending into the water and experiencing a dive with a team of friends is something very unique and special.

Rob has been involved in scuba and environmental clean ups for many years.  After his first clean up dive with a local dive shop in Wellington, several years ago, he was addicted.  Soon after his introduction to clean up dives, Rob discovered Ghost Fishing, a team of technical divers in the Dutch North Sea.  These technical divers were doing major underwater clean ups of discarded fishing nets.  Rob saw that there was a unique opportunity to start something here in New Zealand and he was approached by Ghost Fishing HQ to join their international team.  Acting now to save future generations is Rob’s mantra and GFNZ is the vehicle to help him achieve that. Four years later, Rob has achieved that…with a fully operational dive team, dedicated shore crew, team of amazing free-divers and an incredible array of regional and national divers and volunteers who dedicate hours of their time to saving our marine environment for future generations.

Ghost Fishing New Zealand

Ghost Fishing NZ is a 100% voluntary organisation, passionate about conservation, education and exploration.  Every month, members of the team organise clean-up events all around the Wellington Region (and nationally), removing literally hundreds of kilos of rubbish from the marine environment.  The events rely primarily on scuba teams to remove debris from the ocean floor, free diving teams to provide in-water dive support, and dedicated shore crews to sort rubbish, remove critters and educate the public about the problem we face in NZ with marine pollution.  Over the last couple of years, GFNZ has gained massive public support and outreach. 

This presentation will introduce Ghost Fishing and why we do what we do, who we are and will highlight some of the clean-up efforts we have successfully completed.

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