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Steve Davis

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Steve Davis is the host of the acclaimed podcast, “Speaking Sidemount”, author of “The Canterbury Wreck - A Diver’s Guide” and the eBook, “Sidemount Fundamentals”. He is a specialist sidemount diver/instructor, dives exclusively in sidemount, and is the founder of Sidemount Pros.

Steve's philosophy has always been, "to be world-class, you need to learn from the best". To this end, Steve has trained, dived and worked with many of the worlds very best sidemount, wreck, cave divers, and explorers including Jason Renoux, Tom Steiner, Audrey Cudel, John Chatterton, John Dalla-Zuanna, and Edd Sorenson.

Steve travels the world diving sidemount in caves, wrecks and open water. Through Speaking Sidemount his mission is to share his passion for sidemount diving and provide a medium for the world’s top sidemount divers, instructors, and explorers to share their experiences and thoughts on sidemount diving.

“Sidemount 2K20 – Where Are We and Where To From Here?”
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