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Dr Nicole Miller

Dr Nicole Miller is Wellington Underwater Club President, Friends of Taputeranga Marine Reserve Trustee, Project Baseline Project Manager, PADI OWSI, TDI Intro to Cave & GUE Tech1 Diver and a member of the Wellington Caving Group/NZSS.


Marine Citizen Science – Monitoring, Documentation & Outreach Projects in Wellington

Members of the Wellington Underwater Club run a range of marine citizen science projects. These range from art & outreach projects showcasing the importance of seaweed to establishing monitoring methods for marine reserve monitoring to documenting marine artifacts using 3D photogrammetry. Have you ever thought about documenting & monitoring your favorite dive site? Novice divers through to highly trained tech divers can contribute to marine citizen science projects. Come along for an update and to explore how you could start your own marine citizen science project!

New Zealand Cave Diving Explorations

In the second part of her presentation Nicole will talk about her latest caving adventures in Golden Bay. Local and visiting cave divers continue to explore the caves feeding into the Te Waikoropupū (Pupu springs) aquifer. A short video reveals what happens as the cavers get as close to the aquifer as anyone has ever before. If time allows she will also share updates from the latest Wellington Caving Group expedition featuring a potential new species discovery and a look at ground-breaking survey technology.

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