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Chris Clarke


PADI  Instructor - Event Organiser and Sidemoutn Try Dives

Chris is a enthusiastic and passionate diving instructor with over 15 years experience working as a dive professional. Since learning to dive in Australia in 2001, he has dived around the world, teaching and managing dive centres in Egypt and the UK. Over the years he has completed over 3000 dives and certified 700 students on a variety of courses.


He was first introduced to the idea of technical diving whilst working along-side Police dive teams at university. The style of diving and the planning which it involved fascinated him. Coming from Europe, where technical diving is common place in most dive centers and resorts, he is especially pleased to see its popularity growing in New Zealand.


When you speak to Chris it is very apparent that he is passionate about diving...and in particular Sidemount Diving. Since being introduced to it in 2010, he has embraced the advantages it has to offer and now does the majority of his technical and recreational diving sidemount.

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