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TecFest NZ - Experience Technical diving

May 2013 saw the birth of TecFest NZ, New Zealand's first and only dedicated technical diving event. The aim of this event was to bring together those that were already technical divers and those who have an interest in this fast expanding part of the industry.


​The event was the idea of Brent McFadden, owner and instructor at Go Dive Pacific. A keen technical diver and instructor, Brent wanted to create an event to promote this exciting area of scuba diving. Initially TecFestNZ was focused at members of his Rec-Tec diving group, but popularity for the event grew and before long there was interest from all over New Zealand.


With the size of the event growing fast, Brent enlisted Chris Clarke, a PADI & TDI Instructor from Dive Wellington and enthusiastic Side-mount diver and Instructor. Like Brent, Chris could see the potential for technical diving in New Zealand and joined the team to help promote the event through Facebook and the TecFest NZ website.  


With the support of TDI, Shearwater, Dive Rite and Sea Tech (NZ Dive Magazine) and all the supporting Dive Centres & divers, TecFest NZ has hosted events in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2021.

Venue - Suncourt Hotel & Wharewaka Reserve

A new and improved venue for TecFestNZ 2021. Since its conception in 2013 TecFestNZ has grown in numbers and exhibitors every event and this year we have taken a major step forward by improving the conference and accommodation facilities we use and the foreshore facilities which will offer better access to water depth.  

It is fantastic venue with a range of accommodation options for divers, a professional conference facility for presentations with an onsite restaurant. Tickets can be purchased with or without an accommodation option, allowing you to choose other accommodation options close by to the venue.


The underwater topography at the reserve is perfect for try dives, as there is approximately a 30 meter gradual slop from the shoreline to 10 meters of depth underwater. Here divers can then descend down the slope to find a bit of depth if they wish. Visibility varies, but most years divers have experienced 10 meters plus.


“I would definitely recommend going to TecFest. It is a great amount of fun. It is a great opportunity to meet great people and try/see what tec diving is all about!”

“Superb weekend. A real pleasure to meet some of the most talented, open and friendly divers across New Zealand and beyond. Everyone involved put in a tremendous amount of work to make it a truly special event. Worth every minute. Congratulations all”

“Absolutely loved last years event! Cant wait for the next one!”

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