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Indicated times are approximates, the planned programme may vary depending on a number of factors. For speaker presentations, if possible, can you please be seated by the indicated times.

For those trying out equipment at Wharewaka, we will have supplied you with a timetable outlining the time of your dive, please report to staff a good 15 minutes prior to prepare. As time and staff are limited please be on time and please cancel with TF staff if you choose not to attend.

The Lake Bistro is next to the Tauhara Conference room, here you can purchase hot and cold drinks prior to and during presentations.

Friday 30th April:

9am - 10.30am in the Tuahara room

  • Registration and Safety Briefing

10.30am – 10.45pm

  • Make way to the Wharewaka Point Reserve


  • Steve Davis - Sidemount workshop - open to everyone. Highly recommended that the side-mount try-divers attend to 3.15pm

  • Sidemount, Scooter, Drysuit, Twins and Full Face Mask try-dives. Check out the try-dive time table to see when your try-dive is scheduled

  • Lake boat dives – Contact Grant Searncke to book a dive. Mobile 022 6247755

3.30pm (Back at the Suncourt Tauhara Room)

  • Tim Marshall –


  • Hanna van Waart –


  • Simon Mitchell –


  • Social debrief through at the Lake Bistro bar. If you intend to dine at the Lake Bistro, please reserve a table well in advance

Saturday 1st May:

8.30am – 9.15am

  • Richard Taylor presentation at the Suncourt Tauhara Room – Working & Diving

9.30am Wharewaka Point Reserve

  • Steve Davis workshop on technical sidemount - open to all

9.30am – 3.30pm

  • Sidemount, Scooter, Twins, Drysuit and Full Face Mask try-dives

2.30pm Back at the Tauhara Room

  • Annika Andresen VR Headset presentation on the Kermadecs, Three Kings, White and Poor Knights Islands


  • Keith Gordon –


  • Steve Davis –

5.00pm Pete Measley – History of technical diving in NZ

5.45pm Xavier Vrijdag – Gas Narcosis

6.30pm Vacate Tauhara Room for dinner setup – Lake Bistro bar open.

7.30pm Dinner in the Tuahara and adjoining room. (Cash bar)

8.30pm Simon Mitchell – Pearce Resurgence Expedition 2020

9.30pm – 11.00pm Prize draw and social debrief


Sunday 2nd May: River drift dive, meet at Cherry Island 10am

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